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BellaVita Lian is the latest project from the BellaVita unit of Ayala Land to arrive in Batangas. Prior to BellaVita Lian, they have two other projects in Batangas. The location of Lian is therefore a great option for anyone wanting to invest in a home outside of Metro Manila. You can enjoy the laidback lifestyle of this suburban area but still have access to modern conveniences, such as shops and malls, restaurants, banks, and other business establishments.

Lian is a third-class municipality in the province of Batangas. It has a small population of a little over 50,000 people. However, it has continued its expansion over the past few years as there are more infrastructure and residential developments within Lian and other neighboring municipalities in Batangas. There are 19 barangays that consist of Lian and Brgy. Bagong Pook (where BellaVita Lian is located in) is among those with a small population count (as of 2015). Therefore, you can enjoy your peace and quiet when you live in Lian, yet still have access to modern infrastructure and business establishments when you need them.

For those who choose to live in Lian, Batangas, you will have access to a host of recreational destination and tourist sites. In fact, it is a favorite destination for those from Metro Manila who are seeking a weekend getaway. You will have the privilege of not needing to travel far because you can easily access the said tourist destinations. Among those that are located near Lian, Batangas are the Matabungkay Beach, which is known for its gorgeous beaches and laidback holiday vibe. There are also many festivals and town fiestas held all year round in Lian. However, the ones that draw the most crowd are the Balsa Festival in May and Town fiesta in June. 

Tourism aside, you can also find many notable learning institutions and schools in Lian, Batangas. This is to the benefit of families that decide to invest in their own home at BellaVita Lian. You will be able to select from many notable schools with good reputation to ensure that your child gets quality education too. Among the schools located in Lian (and surrounding areas) are Lian National High School, Matabungkay National High School, and Bagong Pook Elementary School, and private institutions such as Lian Institute, Binubusan Christian Faith Learning Center, and Saint Claire Academy. 

There are also many transportation hubs nearby to make it easier to get around the town of Lian, as well as to other points within Batangas and outside of it. For example, the BSC Bus Terminal is located close to BellaVita Lian. The Tuy Public Transport hub is also within close proximity from this development site. 

If you need to replenish your supplies at home, there is no need to travel far as the Lian Public Market is close by. There are also many shopping centers and malls to choose from such as Savemore Market and Waltermart Balayan. Other notable destinations that are located close to this subdivision are Medical Center Western Batangas and Insular Health Care Inc.

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