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BellaVita Lian is an affordable house and lot community that is equipped with a host of facilities and amenities. You will be surprised that even with the low cost of acquiring your own house and lot unit at this development, the developers made sure to incorporate modern amenities you would expect to find only in the exclusive communities. However, this is part of the commitment for BellaVita and Ayala Land to offer high quality communities that meet the needs of its residents. This is one way for BellaVita to showcase their commitment to that promise.

The entire subdivision is built on a master-plan concept that includes concrete roads, curbs, and gutters. The main roads and secondary roads are built to be wide enough to make it convenient for the homeowners and guests. At the same time, the entire subdivision is built with a perimeter fence to ensure any unwanted personnel are kept out of the premises. 

Aside from having a perimeter fence, BellaVita Lian also comes with an entrance gate and guard house. Every individual or vehicle is therefore screened before they are allowed access to the subdivision premises. This is to ensure the safety and security of the homeowners. The entrance gate is also beautifully designed with a modern concept. Hence, you will feel like you are entering a high-end subdivision than a low-cost community like this one.

Another amenity that you would normally find in high-end communities is also available at BellaVita Lian – a Clubhouse. Like most of the homes and the entrance gate, the Clubhouse features beautiful architectural design that leaves quite an impression. This clubhouse is available for the residents to use for birthdays, parties, and other special occasions. It can also be a venue for community activities. The venue is large enough to accommodate a huge gathering. 

For the children, they will be delighted to find a playground area that they can use to their heart’s desire. It is a good way to encourage your kids to go out and do something active. It is also an opportunity for them to socialize and mingle with other kids in the neighborhood. There is a variety of play equipment available at the playground area such as slides, see-saws, and more.

For the adults, the outdoor basketball court is a great place to go to when you want to get fit or engage in your favorite sports. This full-sized court is open for residents to use at their disposal. You can play with friends to engage in a friendly competition or practice your dribbling and shooting skills. Either way, it is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle by staying active through your favorite sport. 

In addition to the recreational facilities and amenities mentioned above, the development of this subdivision has already included the plumbing and electrical lines. Hence, you no longer have to shell out for those since they are readily available in your home. The entire development site is also built with an underground drainage system to ensure that the streets remain flood-free.

  • Clubhouse
  • Play Equipment
  • Basketball Court
  • Tricycle Terminal
  • Guardhouse And Gate
  • Common Parking Spaces
  • Materiala Recovery Facility
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